A Profile to Sadiya College
Sadiya, one of the Sub-Divisions of Tinsukia District, is the easternmost backward and historical place in the state, Assam. It is geographically isolated by the mighty Brahmaputra/Lohit, the Dibang and the Kundil River. Neither railway nor a park of National Highway suits here. The destructive earthquake and the devastating flood occurred in 1950 have changed the geographical as well as picturesque view of old Sadiya which the people of Sadiya have been remembering that cursed year even off from the rest of Assam, has been laying being connected with two contagious districts of Arunachal Pradesh.
There was not a single institution of higher education in the Sub-Division. More than 95% of the local people are cultivators and only a few of them could send their children to various places for pursing higher education by crossing the Brahmaputra. As it was not affordable for all people for which academic careers of most of Brilliant students of Sadiya ended after completion of the School Education and their dreams of Higher Education were nipped in the bud under such compulsions or circumstances, on a auspicious day with a Education. Some farsighted citizens of the locality have decided to set up a degree college at the heart of Sadiya in historic meeting held in the 1st part of August 1982 at Sadiya Govt. H.S. School. As a result of that historic meeting Sadiya College was established at Chapakhowa Town in 1982 by expanding the periphery of Education.