Course of Study:

  1. Higher Secondary Course in Arts (2 Years)
  2. Higher Secondary Course in Commerce (2 Years)
  3. B.A. (General/Major) Semester System
  4. B.Com (General) Semester System

Subject offered in Higher Secondary Course in ARTS:

  1. Core Subject : i. English ii. MIL (Assamese or Alternative English)
  2. Elective Subject : A Student must select minimum three and maximum Four Elective subjects from the following listsi. Economics, ii. History, iii. Political Science, iv. Sociology

Subjects offer in the Higher Secondary Course in COMMERCE :

  1. Core Subject : English, MIL(Assamese or Alternative English)
  2. Compulsory Subject : Accountancy, Business Studies.
  3. Third & Fourth Elective : Any two from the following lists : i. Economics, ii. Banking, iii. Commercial Arithmetics and Elements of Statistics, iv. Computer Science & Application.