*  Hostel Facilities

The College has Boys’ Hostel attached to the students on the basis of their merit as well 20 boarders. The seats are allotted to the students on the basis of their merit as well as the distance of their residence. The Fees particulars are as given below :

1.  Seat Rent (For twelve month)                          Rs.   600.00        Per annual

2.  Electricity                                                             Rs.  400.00              -do-

3.  Establishment                                                      Rs.  200.00              -do-

4.  Development                                                        Rs.  100.00              -do-

5.  Admission                                                             Rs.  100.00              -do-

6.  Maintenance                                                         Rs.  100.00              -do-

7.  First Aid                                                                 Rs.    50.00              -do-

8.  Miscellaneous                                                        Rs.    50.00              -do-

Total                                                                       Rs.  1600.00

Note :   Total amount does not include Monthly Mess dues, cooking gas charge etc.

Contact Person : 1.  Nangku Das, Asstt. Prof., Deptt. of History

2.  Gobin Hazarika, Library Bearer

*  Student Welfare & Facilities

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Sadiya College shall oepn “Help Desk” during the time of Admission, Registration, Examination and Scholarship form fill up with a view to remove difficulties at personal level so that participation of the students becomes really effective and meaningful.

*  Library Facilities

The College malignances a well stocked Library. Most of the Text Books and books for reference are made available to the students. Beside text and reference books a good number of journals & periodicals in different disciplines of ARTS & COMMERCE and General Knowledge etc. are available in the Library. The Library also subscribe a good number of Dailies, Weekly and periodical Newspaper and Magazines.

*  Student Poor Fund

A Student Poor Fund is established in the College to help the Students coming from a very poor families, in order to avail such a financial help a student shall have to apply to the Principal as and when proper notification is issued by the College Authority.

*  National Social Service (NSS)

National Social Service Organisation approved by Dibrugarh University exists in the College. Besides doing its normal works or Social Service and other helping Social activities, it also adopts a village in a year for doing its works meaningful and useful.

*  Red Ribbon Club (R.R.C)

In order to create awareness amongst the students about HIV/AIDS we have formed Red Ribbon Club in our College for which the Assam State AIDS Control Society has given recognition.